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AnchorID is the last authentication tool you'll ever need to deploy.

We're a fully adaptable platform that integrates seamlessly into your enterprise system. Our tool does not require passwords, providing a better user experience and compliance with multiple industry standards.

Tailor-Made Authentication for Today and Tomorrow

AnchorID is building a wide range of authentication solutions for enterprise level businesses.

  • phone
  • fingerprint
  • profile
  • voiceprint
  • geocentric
  • gait
  • iris
  • soft tokens
  • hand
  • ear
  • pin
  • zip code
  • Identity Proofing and
    Know-Your-Customer Compliance

    AnchorID can provide multiple user identification tools to help you comply with regulatory or industry requirements to know your customer. Once we help you validate your users, we delete all records of their data from our systems per our Zero Logging policy.

    • Credit Bureau Data
    • ID Card Verification
    • Challenge Questions.
    • Carrier Billing Data

    A tool for Thinking Ahead, AnchorID is a
    cost conscious solution built against obsolescence


    AnchorID allows organizations to experiment with a range of authentication tools without the added cost of seeking out third party vendors. We provide the added benefit of being able to switch between biometric vendors at no added cost.


    Investing in a single authentication system is restrictive and limiting. Choosing a single vendor for one system may put you in the position of having to pay again when you want to switch to another product option.


    Future authentication technologies that are not yet on the market can be added as they become available at no additional costs. The importance of system security and user authorization is critical and ever changing. Align yourself and your enterprise to be able to keep pace with these changes without having to rebuild your infrastructure.

    Seamless Integration

    AnchorID is not a replacement for company wide security protocols. Instead, it is a tool that rolls smoothly into your existing infrastructure. Our toolset integrates with:

    Our tool is designed to allow a "one-click" solution for all your employees and your customers.

    We provide a Zero-Logging solution, storing no password or user information.

    Multi-tiered validation protocols provide a failsafe against security breaches - protecting data and reputation