AnchorID Announces Patent Approval For Advanced Cybersecurity Platform

October, 21, 2017


AnchorID Announces Patent Approval For Advanced Cybersecurity Platform

KINGSTON, NY, October 21, 2017:

AnchorID, Inc., the innovative cloud-based cyber security company, announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a regular patent on the most important features and functions of its future-proof platform. AnchorID is focused on defragmenting the customer experience by making a variety of multifactor authentication options available through a smartphone, which can eliminate passwords, allow customers to easily apply for new credit or banking products, and dramatically improve user experience with any enterprise product. Some of the features protected by this patent include our unique password-replacing platform, new tools for parents to approve or decline activity by their children, new privacy tools, and our future-proof architecture for multiple biometric products.

“We provide a new security scenario available to any of our clients, regardless of specific need, through our patented future-proof multifactor authentication platform,” said David W. Schropfer, CEO of AnchorID. “Now, with AnchorID, the consumer (or end-user) need only look to their smartphone to authenticate themselves, eliminating the multitude of passwords, signatures, and verbal security questions that have complicated and frustrated consumers for decades.”

“Patent number 9,767,265 protects the groundbreaking approach we take toward cybersecurity,” said Alex Sanchez, member of the AnchorID Board of Directors, who is also an attorney and the former Secretary of Labor for the State of Maryland. “This patent increases the value of the company, and gives us another tangible asset to help us grow.”

Of course, the best Cryptography cannot be patented. “State-of-the-art cryptographic security depends on open protocols and processes— those that are available for peer review and testing by the research community,” said Steve Chapin, Associate professor of CyberSecurity at Syracuse University and Senior Advisor to AnchorID. “Closed-source cryptographic methods can have hidden vulnerabilities because they are not open to scrutiny.” AnchorID’s patent intentionally does not include any attempt to create new Cryptography, instead using state-of-the-art products for that.

About AnchorID

AnchorID is an enterprise-grade multifactor authentication platform that allows any sized enterprise easily authenticate user access to enterprise systems, software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, websites and mobile apps. Designed to meet the authentication challenges of today and tomorrow, AnchorID supports a long and growing list of cutting-edge authentication products with a simplified user experience and superior security while utilizing the smartphone for patented multi-factor and biometric authentication. AnchorID is based in Kingston, NY.

Tyler Heatwole